The Network has been set up by B&NES Council to provide a platform for environmentally conscious individuals, groups and organisations, to share ideas and events related to sustainability and the environment. 

The aim is to connect stakeholders and use collective action to strive for a more sustainable B&NES.


As a non-member you can view most pages of the Network, but when you join and become a Member, you can participate in all the features of the Network and you will be kept up to date with a regular summary of news and events.

When you become a Member, please read the 'Terms and Conditions' before contributing any content to the Network.


Getting Started
Join the Network: If you are joining the network as an Organisation / Business / Councilor / Council Officer / Community Group, please set up your account using your proper name, your official email address (if you have one) and job title (if applicable). Please be aware that you are representing your organisation in the public domain when using this Network.


Events - you can create an event and invite Members and people from your own email account to join. You can also publicise it through Twitter and Facebook. Or you can make it a private event, that only people you invite will see - great for organising meetings and events that aren't open to everyone.

Topic Groups - you can join a Topic Group to discuss opportunities in more detail and publicise news that is specifically related to that topic. If you join, you will be informed when new information is published in that Group. Please create a new Group if there is one you think should be set up.

General Green News - you publicise general environmentally related news that does not fit into a specific Topic Group here.

Help - if you are having any problems or need assistance with using the Network, please visit the Help page.



Using information from other sources: you can publish text from other websites / sources, but please make sure you reference it at the top: include the Title, name of the website / author, the date it was published and provide a hyperlink back to the source

e.g. 'Trade waste litter clampdown at crack of dawn' Published by B&NES Council 02/05/2013

Personal Information: Do not post or request anything that contains personal information; telephone numbers, addresses etc outside of contact information presented on your Profile page.

No Promotion: The Network is not to be used for campaigning, electioneering, commercial advertising or promotion of personal interests.

Be Respectful: of others opinions and comments. Racial, religious, or sexual abuse, harassment, or offensive material will not be tolerated. Please report any offensive content to the administrator.
Removal of Posts: If a post is deemed inappropriate under the Terms and Conditions, it will be removed. 




Contact & Communications

Email: sustainability@bathnes.gov.uk

Call: 01225 477528

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