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  • Air Quality

    13 members Latest Activity: Apr 20, 2018

    A discussion group for measurement of PMs/NO2/O3 in the city of Bath and for action to improve air quality.

  • Environmental Sustainability Partnership Board

    6 members Latest Activity: Apr 23, 2019

    This group is for discussion of ESP Board matters and the posting of materials relating to ESP Board meetings. …

  • Home Openers

    9 members Latest Activity: Mar 23, 2013

    A forum for Home Openers who are part of the Bath Green Homes Open Homes Weekend:

    • To get in contact with each other independently…

  • Green Deal

    18 members Latest Activity: Oct 26, 2015

    A group to discuss the forthcoming Green Deal and opportunities for local engagement with this emerging offer.

  • Sustainable Travel

    28 members Latest Activity: Apr 20, 2018 This is a group to discuss opportunities around how we can travel more sustainably in Bath and North East Somerset.

  • Natural Environment

    31 members Latest Activity: Feb 6, 2018 A Group to share information and discuss opportunities around the natural Environment in Bath and North East Somerset

  • Green Schools

    38 members Latest Activity: Jun 1, 2017 A group for anyone involved in environmentally related activities with schools.

  • Adaptation

    9 members Latest Activity: Oct 26, 2015

    An information sharing and discussion group for ideas and opportunities around adaptaion in Bath and North East Somerset.

  • Recycling and Waste

    35 members Latest Activity: Apr 20, 2018

    An area to discuss issues and opportunities around waste and recycling in the B&NES district.

  • Clean Energy

    28 members Latest Activity: Aug 8, 2016

    How can we get more clean, renewable energy in Bath and North East Somerset? This is an open group for discussion, and is also the forum for the…

  • Fairtrade

    4 members Latest Activity: Feb 26, 2016

    A place to discuss Fairtrade projects, news, ideas and events.

  • Resources and Sharing

    25 members Latest Activity: Nov 9, 2018

    Use this place to promote or request resources.


  • Green Jobs & Volunteering Opportunities

    19 members Latest Activity: Aug 31, 2017

    A group to promote local green job opportunities

  • Green Business

    30 members Latest Activity: Aug 15, 2017 A group to raise awareness and encourage discussions around opportunities and ideas to help businesses in Bath and North East Somerset become low…

  • Local Food

    49 members Latest Activity: Aug 17, 2017 A place to discuss local food ideas and projects.

  • Warm Green Homes

    44 members Latest Activity: Nov 23, 2017

    A group to promote news and discuss  opportunities around affordable warmth and home energy efficiency in the Bath and North East Somerset…

  • Funding

    34 members Latest Activity: Nov 23, 2017

    An area to publish information about funding relevant to environmental sustainability that can be accessed by groups /…

  • Climate change

    1 member Latest Activity: Apr 9



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